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An overview of Central Nippon Highway Advance

President's Message

Taking on the Challenge of New Business Realms (Putting Gratitude and Smiles First)

Our company was established on April 2, 2012, as a member of the NEXCO-Central Group, which aims to provide the world's best expressways.
The twin missions with which we are charged are to enhance and expand business within the expressway and to undertake business outside the expressway.
Our business has three key pillars: vending machine operations, restaurant and retail operations, and product development operations. As part of our restaurant and retail operations, we have opened EXPASA Cafe Haneda in Tokyo International Airport's International Passenger Terminal building and Kitchen Omaezaki at a Michi-no-Eki (roadside station) in Omaezaki City, Shizuoka Prefecture. In the field of product development, we are developing exclusive merchandise that we also sell outside the expressway.
Going forward, we will strive for progress in undertaking business tailored to the new era, while ensuring that we never forget to demonstrate our gratitude and present a smiling face as we take care to put the customer first. Through this approach, we will be able to deliver higher-quality services, more comfort, and greater safety to customers.

Masahiro Kuramoto President and Representative Director

Company Profile

Trade Name Central Nippon Highway Advance Company Limited.
Date of Establishment April 2, 2012
Stated Capital 30 million yen
Shareholder Wholly owned by Central Nippon Exis Co., Ltd.
President and Representative Director Masahiro Kuramoto
Managing Director Teruhito Saegusa
Director Yasuhiro Ishihara
Director Yoshihisa Namiki
Auditor Mamoru Hirahara
Employees Approximately 260
Business Operations Restaurant, product sales, sales of exclusive merchandise, and facility maintenance and management at expressway SAs and PAs, and in various city locations


April 2012 The Menjuku Division and Vending Machine Division of Central Nippon Exis Co., Ltd. are hived off to form the core of Central Nippon Highway Advance Company Limited., a new company established in Toranomon, in Tokyo's Minato City, to undertake retail business
October 2012 Omi Taga-tei Restaurant and Tagakoji Souvenir Shop begin operating at EXPASA Taga (bound for Osaka) on the Meishin Expressway
April 2013 Business operations begin at Nakai PA (bound for Aichi) on the Tomei Expressway
March 2014 EXPASA Cafe Haneda begins operating on the 5th floor of Haneda Airport's International Terminal
April 2014 Kitchen Omaezaki begins operating at Michi-no-Eki Kaze-No Marche Omaezaki
August 2014 Head office relocates from Tokyo's Minato City to Yokohama City in Kanagawa Prefecture

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

Head Office & Outlet Addresses

Head Office
3F KM Daiichi Building, 2-13-13 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 222-0033
Tel: 045-594-9026 (main number)
EXPASA Cafe Haneda
2-6-5 Hanedakuko, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0041
5F Haneda Airport International Terminal
Tel: 03-6459-9520
Kitchen Omaezaki
4384-1 Kaigan, Godo, Omaezaki-shi, Shizuoka 437-1613
Michi-no-Eki Kaze-No Marche Omaezaki
Tel: 0537-29-7511
Nakai PA (bound for Tokyo) Outlet
Menjuku / Snack corner / Souvenir shop / Yasai-mura fresh produce store
941 Matsuogajiri, Matsumoto, Nakai-machi, Ashigarakami-gun, Kanagawa 259-0155
Tomei Expressway Nakai PA (bound for Tokyo)
Tel: 0465-81-0535
Nakai PA (bound for Aichi) Outlet
Snack corner / Souvenir shop / Coin-operated showers
570-3 Matsumoto, Nakai-machi, Ashigarakami-gun, Kanagawa 259-0155
Tomei Expressway Nakai PA (bound for Aichi)
Tel: 0465-81-0536
Ashigara SA (bound for Tokyo) Outlet
1801 Fukasawa, Gotemba-shi, Shizuoka 412-0023
Tomei Expressway Ashigara SA (bound for Tokyo)
Tel: 0550-82-3434
Ashigara SA (bound for Aichi) Outlet
599 Minaminohara, Kuwagi, Oyama-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka 412-1315
Tomei Expressway Ashigara SA (outbound)
Tel: 0550-84-3366
Taga SA (bound for Osaka) Outlet
Menjuku / Omi Taga-tei Restaurant / Tagakoji Souvenir Shop / Coin-operated showers
66-36 Nishitani Binmanji, Taga-cho, Inukami-gun, Shiga 522-0342
Meishin Expressway Taga SA (bound for Osaka)
Tel: 0749-48-1226

Area Map (main area of operation)