Our Business

What kind of company is Central Nippon Highway Advance?

Exclusive Merchandise

We aim to create products that appeal to people of all ages.

As well as enhancing our distribution and sales of exclusive merchandise, we are tapping into the know-how that we have built up since our company was established as we plan and develop more new products.

  • Chilled cream buns
    (Matcha, custard, chocolate, satsuma orange, strawberry)
  • Michimaru-kun cookies


As well as expressway SAs, we have outlets at Haneda Airport.
All our outlets offer tasty food that will leave hungry travelers with a full stomach and a smile on their face as they continue their journey.

Menjuku provides delicious freshly cut noodles every day! At Haneda Airport, we have the only café from which you can look out at the aircraft.

  • EXPASA Cafe Haneda
    EXPASA Cafe Haneda
  • Preparing the food
    Preparing the food
  • Chilled zaru-udon noodles
    Chilled zaru-udon noodles
Michimaru-kun recommends
Menjuku Sanuki udon restaurant

Located at Nakai PA (bound for Tokyo) is the birthplace of Menjuku — the very first Menjuku restaurant to open! You can savor the taste of freshly cut udon noodles and freshly fried tempura. With a wide variety of set menus, there is something to enjoy no matter how many times you visit.

Product Sales

We aim to create souvenir shops that meet customers' needs.

Based on information gathered from questionnaires and shopping trends among customers at each store, we strive to enhance our shops and improve the services that we offer to customers by developing more attractive store layouts and organizing seasonal fairs showcasing local products.

  • Nakai PA (bound for Aichi)
    Nakai PA (bound for Aichi)
  • Umoregi

Vending Machines

We deliver comfort and peace of mind to customers through our vending machines at SA outlets and PAs managed by NEXCO-Central Group.

Central Nippon Highway Advance will continue to take on the challenge of developing fresh approaches to vending machines.
We meet customer needs by proactively introducing new products and tailoring the product range to the season, not to mention installing eye-catching vending machines. Among them are vending machines that offer unique products developed exclusively by Central Nippon Highway Advance.

  • Chilled cream bun vending machine
    Chilled cream bun vending machine
  • Vending machines with an owl design
    Vending machines with an owl design
  • Vending machines with an exclusive design at Nagashino-Shitaragahara PA (bound for Aichi)
    Vending machines with an exclusive design at Nagashino-Shitaragahara PA (bound for Aichi)
  • Children's ride vending machine
    Children's ride vending machine
Michimaru-kun recommends
Talking vending machines wearing a red battle helmet at Nagashino-Shitaragahara PA (bound for Tokyo)

At Nagashino-Shitaragahara PA (bound for Tokyo) on the Shin-Tomei Expressway, you will find talking vending machines that wear the battle helmet of legendary warlord Takeda Shingen. Take a trip to Nagashino-Shitaragahara PA to hear the thrilling words of a feudal warlord!